SQL Interview Questions

  1. What are two methods of retrieving SQL?
  2. What cursor type do you use to retrieve multiple record sets?
  3. What is the difference between a "where" clause and a "having" clause?
  4. What is the basic form of a SQL statement to read data out of a table? 
  5. What structure can you implement for the database to speed up table reads?
  6. What are the tradeoffs with having indexes?
  7. What is a "join"? 
  8. What is "normalization"? "De-normalization"? Why do you sometimes want to denormalize? 
  9. What is a "constraint"? 
  10. What types of index data structures can you have?
  11. What is a "primary key"?
  12. What is a "functional dependency"? How does it relate to database table design?
  13. What is a "trigger"?
  14. Why can a "group by" or "order by" clause be expensive to process? 
  15. What is "index covering" of a query?
  16. What types of join algorithms can you have?
  17. What is a SQL view? 

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